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Philips PD7016/37 7-Inch Portable LCD Dual DVD Player

Philips PD7016/37 7-Inch Portable LCD Dual DVD PlayerPhilips PD7016/37 7-Inch Portable LCD Dual DVD Player


7" LCD Portable DVD Player with two widescreen LCDs, play your movies and music in the car. The two 7" TFT LCD display screens let you indulge in enjoying your DVD movies, music and photos on the road. Install and mount easily for in-car enjoyment.

Product Features

  • Double your movies on the road with two 7" TFT LCD DVD players lets the passengers indulge in enjoying their own DVD Movies, music and photos
  • The color LCD display brings images to life, showing off your treasured photos
  • The Portable DVD Player is compatible con discos DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, SVCD and CD
  • The color LCD display brings images to life, showing off your treasured photos, favorite movies and music
  • Real life rich detail and vibrant colors same as high quality prints.

Philips PD7016/37 7-Inch Portable LCD Dual DVD Player

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Philips
  • Model: PD7016
  • Display Size: 7.0 inches
  • Color Name: Black
  • Warranty: Limited 1 year parts and labor
Philips PD7016/37 7-Inch Portable LCD Dual DVD Player  Philips PD7016/37 7-Inch Portable LCD Dual DVD Player  

This review is from: Philips PD7016/37 7-Inch Portable LCD Dual DVD Player (Electronics)
This Dvd Portable player is a pleasant suprise.... it is the best product one can have in a vehicle. I know because I have gone through two Dvd Players previously and thinking of custom made entertainment center until now. This Dual Dvd Player can actually play TWO DIFFERENT DVDS ON 2 SCREENS AT THE SAME TIME (my 5 year old girl and 4 year old boy have settled the feud on who watches Barbie and Iron Man....like, forever);or if wanted IT CAN PLAY ONE DVD ON TWO SCREENS AT THE SAME TIME (by hooking the wire to each other). Mind you this is Philips PD 7016 which came into the market barely few months ago.......and not PD7012 ( I almost got the wrong one during my selection). The volume is extraordinarily loud such that the FM Car Transmitter I ordered intending to connect the Dvd speakers to the Car Stereo is of no use to me....because the little speakers on the superd players are whoopers! It starts playing from where it stopped, even after you must have turned it off for an entire day. No matter how bumpy the ride is, the player does not skip a track. Above all, I like classy looking things and this is one classy looking thing inside the car....(check it from the rear of the vehicle). The wires are well placed beside the chairs in my vehicle and is not at all flying over the place; hardly visible at all. I and my spouse were previously thinking of returning our vehicle for custom installation of entertainment system until I saw this product on Wal-mart site. At first I thought it was cheap at 129.00; until a week later the price jumped to 135.00. I reluctantly bought it after the reading the 5 Star reviews.... I was shocked at the superior quality of the product; my entire family fell for the sleek looks and superior performance after I installed it and have been operating it effortlessly. And the reviews (check other sites for more reviews) have been coming such that today as I write this review, the price has... on Amazon and other sites. It is highly recommended, grab it while you can. Our family friends have got some already as the price keeps moving.....it is worth every dollar. You will attest to this too.

DATE: FEBRUARY 15, 2012. I reckon I should give kudos to this product after one year running across hundreds of miles of bumby roads and little fingers of my kids poking and pulling at the appliance on all sides, yet it is just as it was the first day I mounted it inside the vehicle: super sleek, solid and belting out quality DVD performances without skipping to the delight of our little "mistress" and now two "princes" Big thumbs up really Philips. Straighttalker

This review is from: Philips PD7016/37 7-Inch Portable LCD Dual DVD Player (Electronics)
This is a very nicely designed product. Appearance of the case is top shelf. The video and audio quality is VERY good even on the 'remote' or slave display and the viewing angle is wide enough that it is easy to see from the middle seat.

Despite some of the Philips documentation mentioning to do some features with the 'remote control', the product does not come with one nor have I found one available to purchase as an accessory.

The product is fully featured and does all the things you would expect it to. You can even adjust the brightness on each display from dim-med-bright. HOWEVER- when you attempt to adjust the brightness on the 'slave' unit, it displays that this is "not available". And it seems to default the slave unit to 'dim'. BUT- if you take it out of slave mode, set the brightness and then put it back in slave mode it will keep your brightness setting. Not fatal, but one wonders why they did that.....

The headrest straps route through 2 metal pins embedded in the rear of each display. You run the strap through these, around your headrest (raised a couple of inches so the strap makes contact with the metal rods that support the headrest), and then clasped together. The mounting is very solid and you can tighten it so the display is held firmly against the seat.

The shipment came with:
2- players.
2- A/C adapters
1- Car adapter with 2 cables that come straight from the plug. Not a single cable that Y's off after several feet. Not sure I like this from a cable mess perspective.
1- slave video/audio cable
1- video cable
2- headrest straps

Thus far I am pleased. Now comes the longevity test.

UPDATED 6-6-2011- My 21 month old twins don't ride in the car well after about 30 minutes without nearly constant attention from the front seat passenger (Mom). Recently we had to travel an hour each way to an event and it was the quietest 2 hours on record for the twins. LOVE it so far for that.

I also love how it remembers where your place in the program and starts back at that spot. Also, it auto-replays so when you reach the end of the DVD, it starts over. With no remote control and no way to see the controls from the front seat this is ideal.

I do wish I could downgrade my rating to 4 stars: buttons on the top of the unit would have been preferable to under the screen in the front (where they can be reached by toes). If you are not fluent with the position of the front panel keys, if you are in the front seat, you have to detach the unit so you can operate the buttons.
  T. Stanhope (Washington State)  

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